Guidelines We Can All Live By

The other day I was guided by Buffalo to look up the story of the White Buffalo Woman. I had heard pieces about the story, but never heard or read it in its entirety until now, at this site:

It seems very similar to many other religious stories, with God coming to man in a form they will most likely understand and listen to, with instructions on how to live in harmony with all beings.

Most, if not all, Native Americans did not dominate over God’s land, they were/are true caretakers, as I believe we all are meant to be. In Genesis, God gave man dominion over the land, air, and water, and all that dwell within it; to treat all with respect, and take care of each other, not as Lords, but as family.

So where am I going with all this?  I found these “Sacred Instructions” at the bottom of the page about White Buffalo Woman. I felt guided to share them today. All faiths can surely agree with every thing written below.

A. Take care of Mother Earth and the other colors of man.

B. Respect this Mother Earth and creation.

C. Honor all life, and support that honor.

D. Be grateful from the heart for all life. It is through life that there is survival. Thank the Creator at all times for all life.

E. Love, and express that love.

F. Be humble. Humility is the gift of wisdom and understanding.

G. Be kind with one’s self and with others.

H. Share feelings and personal concerns and commitments.

I. Be honest with one’s self and with others. Be responsible for these sacred instructions and share them with other nations.

Awesome sight in our back yard!
A piece of amazing sky we enjoy. this is a reminder summer is not far 🙂

One thought on “Guidelines We Can All Live By

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