The Choice: surrender vs. accept

Awesome sight in our back yard!

Definitions are from the


1. To relinquish possession or control of to another because of demand or compulsion.

2. To give up in favor of another.
3. To give up or give back (something that has been granted): surrender a contractual right.
4. To give up or abandon: surrender all hope.
5. To give over or resign (oneself) to something, as to an emotion: surrendered himself to grief.

To give oneself up, as to an enemy.

1. The act or an instance of surrendering.


1.a. To answer affirmatively: accept an invitation.                                                                        b. To agree to take (a duty or responsibility).

2. To receive (something offered), especially with gladness or approval: accepted a glass of water; accepted their contract.
3. To admit to a group, organization, or place: accepted me as a new member of the club.

a. To regard as proper, usual, or right: Such customs are widely accepted.
b. To regard as true; believe in: Scientists have accepted the new theory.
c. To understand as having a specific meaning.
5. To endure resignedly or patiently: accept one’s fate.
6. To be able to hold (something applied or inserted): This wood will not accept oil paints.
7. To receive officially: accept the committee’s report.

After reviewing these two words and their definitions, accept is bursting with positive energy! I shall try and remember it more often. I accept accept accept accept accept 🙂

This choice of words has come to me often in the past year.  So I thought it might be helpful to see the published definitions of surrender and accept.  Surrender was what came to me when I needed to stop struggling with physical and emotional limitations I was up against. At the Oregon Country Fair I was introduced to the word accept as a way of dealing with  new challenges.  I really appreciate a positive word to help me embrace the changes that were, and continue to, challenge me. I hope you do as well.



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