What Me and Myself Have Learned Recently…

we* are learning how to do less, as taught by I Am**, so we can do more.  it has been an interesting lesson in awareness.  it is much harder to learn things out of context, and this process has helped us learn how to keep “myself” calm, rather than the habitual way of going into a panic in anticipation of not doing something right. Bottom Line: getting yelled at for doing something i thought was right, but is wrong to someone else.

such tremendous pressure has been relieved from learning how to LISTEN, and work WITH my body. Neither one of us competes for complete control anymore, and we are working much more smoothly together as a result.  We appreciate each other, and take better care of ourselves.

that’s all for tonights ramblings. remember to send your love every day to those you care about.  Blessings are one of the most precious, yet inexpensive gifts we can give to each other.

May you always find the Love and Light when  you need it most.


*”we” is me, (the narrator in my head), and myself (this body i reside in).

**”I Am” is Unity Consciousness, also known as God.

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