In Honor of our Beloved Friend Sage…

My dear friend,

You were a well groomed gentleman,

Dressed in a fluffy, creamy orange coat with flame points of amber,

And eyes of pale violet blue crystal.

You helped me see how i projected my fears on to others,

By teaching me to trust you.

I learned how to ask for help from others compassionately,

When you trusted me to help you in your few times of need.

Thank you dear friend,

For more wisdom than i can express at this time.

Your presence and lessons will always be remembered.


~ your friend through all of time, Dove

Tribute to Sage

Tribute to Sage

Sage 2-01-10

Giving Our Future The Hope Our Past Has Proven

If you are going through changes or are inundated with guidance to make big changes – I highly encourage you to begin adding the following prayer or a variation thereof to your daily routine…

“Dear angels, any and all heavenly beings that are working with me in this lifetime, I call upon you now to please come to be with me, to please surround me and embrace me in your light. Please allow me to feel your presence as your energy begins to intertwine with my own. Please allow the higher vibration of your aura to uplift my energy and allow me to feel lighter, and give me the confidence to take a deep breath in and with the exhale, release all lower/fear based energy within me. Angels, I ask you to please begin working with me to allow me the strength to see past my fears once and for all. Please bestow me with the courage to immediately release and surrender even the slightest nuance of fear regarding my path and the changes I am working on. When you see me go into my ego, when you see me starting to accept defeat, please angels remind me in those exact moments to snap out of it and only see the good and divinity for my life. Angels I ask you to immediately fill me up with your higher energy and allow this vibration to resonate within me throughout my day. I ask you to please shield me from the energy of those that would hope to doubt or interfere with my path and allow me the freedom and heavenly permission to finally and permanently step into the life my soul so yearns for. Thank you angels – I affirm to you now that I am open and willing to actively or passively share with anyone who is guided to me this higher energy you have granted me. It is with this light that I illuminate the path before me while allowing my life to serve as a shining example of heavenly guidance”

via Charles Virtue August 2013 Newsletter.

The Warrior’s Prayer

The Warrior’s Prayer

I am what I am.
In having faith in the beauty within me I develop trust.
In softness I have strength.
In silence I walk with the gods.
In peace I understand myself and the world.
In conflict I walk away.
In detachment I am free.
In respecting all living things I respect myself.
In dedication I honour the courage within me.
In eternity I have compassion for the nature of all things.
In love I unconditionally accept the evolution of others.
In freedom I have power.
In my individuality I express the God-Force within me.
In service I give of what I have become.
I am what I am:
Eternal, immortal, universal, and infinite.
And so be it.

~Stuart Wilde

Mt. Shasta Power

Mt. Shasta Power