A Short Biography of Adam Whitedove

Adam Whitedove has been involved with solar technologies, peace activism, and permaculture for 40 years. In 1988 he completed a degree in electrical engineering where he earned Summa Cum Laude. In 1991 he was certified as Photovoltaic System Design Engineer by the Seimens Solar Corporation. Since then he has worked for several solar contractors in California and Oregon visiting hundreds of solar thermal and photovoltaic systems, created Sunfarmer Energy Services, a solar contracting company in Oregon, as well as taught and written technical manuals on the subject. He has worked with Lost Valley Educational Center in recent years to revive solar usage there and teach courses in solar energy systems. He is a permaculture entrepreneur and enjoys bicycling nearly everywhere he goes.


Gracias a Dios Bendicion

Cloud9 Paradigm

Our Friend leaves a voicemail:  “Come over and go to the hot-springs with me, then I’ll make you guys dinner and we can have a little jam session”. My legs, the night before and still today are stiff and cramping from bicycling and gardening work at the bottom of a steep hill. Now that’s a good idea I’m thinking.

So we close shop early and head for McCready Hot springs. We get there and the parking lot is improved with a bathroom. The foot path to the pool is covered with crunchy snow. The pool is crowded with just enough room for newcomers. Soon after we enter the shallow warm-up pool a few people depart and we quickly move to the deep, hotter section of the hot spring. Ahh, sensual delight and healing hot water.

Our Friend recognizes a kindred spirit likely of South American descent and greets him warmly…

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