What is Your Relationship with Your Body?

Is your relationship with your body a dictatorship, democracy, authoritarianism, totalitarianism, pluralism, something in-between or completely different?

I have been struggling with the concept of controling our physical body, the repercussions this concept has had on many Americans, and possibly people around the world.  I am noticing most often the extreme dictatorship where it doesn’t matter if the body’s protest is legitimate or not.  If it does not fit in with the expectations for the day, it gets ignored.  I truly believe that this ignorance of our body’s needs is one of the root causes of pain and diseases we see today.  When we ignore discomfort, which turns into pain, and then manifests as dis-ease, we are killing our physical body much faster than if we had a working relationship with it.

I feel the most important thing for each of us to do is to get to know ourselves.  To know when the body is just being lazy, and when it truly has an unmet need.  I believe we are worth the effort it takes to create a working relationship with our body, and that it is vital for our well being.

I experienced having a poor relationship with my body when I was a child, and suffered the consequences over and over again because I didn’t seem to know any better.  The truth is that I just didn’t listen and respond to my body’s needs efficiently.  For me, it is not hard to hear/notice my body’s needs. The challenge has been to slow down and take the time to make the adjustments  necessary to make life go more smoothly.

The biggest lesson has been to allow myself to be a priority.  I have spent my lifetime putting others needs before mine until I am completely depleted, and then I have to retreat into my shell and practically go comatose for as long as I possibly can (but very rarely as long as really needed after fully depleting my energy), until someone else has a need that I have obligated myself to take care of.  Does this sound familiar?

A result of my realization about my relationship with my body is the downsizing of our animal population. I have spent my lifetime taking in strays, other people’s pets, and animals I just wanted to get to know.   I’m talking hundreds of cats and dogs, mice (fresh raw food for the cats – didn’t go over well with the kids:(), rabbits, finches, budgies, parrots, iguana’s, dragons, ferrets, doves, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, goldfish, freshwater fish, a potbelly pig, miniature goat, dairy cow, meat steer, a lamb, and more.  You get the idea.  All of these animals were taken care of many, many times, before my own needs were met.  At times, I even took care of our animal’s needs before our children’s needs because I had a warped sense from my  childhood that the kids would be fine, and didn’t need me as much as the animals did.  A result of these experiences with animals is,  I know how to take care of many different types of creatures including myself.

I am taking control of my life by developing a working relationship with my body. You are welcome to join me on this journey.  I will share different insights and techniques that I find helpful and where to find resources at minimal or no expense.  In this day and age we have amazing resources at our fingertips.  Finding what is helpful can be tricky and I will do my best to help with that.

Peace and Love to All,


Farmers and Cops

Farmers and police officers have a lot in common. Whether its molds, mildews, predators, poachers, pirates, or thieves, you’re always “on the job” because the “bad” guy never sleeps. Serve and protect or your “Peeps” will be eaten at your feet. Appreciate farmers and cops because human life depends on them. Peace.

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Knit Helmet Hoody

Here is my version of a knit helmet liner that we call a Helmet Hoody



Helmet Hoody 2 Lt side Helmet Hoody 2 Front Helmet Hoody 2 Back

Materials and Tools:

1  Med. weight yarn 4 (amount uncharted so far, but original pattern called for approx 208yd), I used Sugar’n Cream cotton yarn by Lily Cotton

1 Fine weight yarn 2 (amount unknown so far, original called for approx 170yd). I used a yarn that I guessed, using a diagram, was the appropriate size.

Needles used: 6, 6” 4mm double pt. needles and 4mm 24″ circular needles

Gauge:13sts/22 rows = 4”

Finished measurements: 19” circ. @ base, 12” circ @ top x 13” long


CastOn 62 sts, (keeping both yarns together throughout project) on 5, 6” 4mm double pt. needles (12sts on one, 13 on others)
Rnd 1: Purl
Rnd 2: Knit
Rnd 3-6: Rep. rnds 1 and 2
Rnd 7-14: K
Rnd 15-20: *P1, K1* rep 9x’s, K to end.
BindOff 18 sts, K19, pm, K1f&b, K4, pm, K1f&b, K19

HOOD ~ this is where I switched to the circular needles.  It was just easier for me.  If I had smaller circular needles I would have used them only.
Row 1: K5, P to last 5sts, K5
Row 2: K to marker, sm, K1f&b, K to marker, sm, K1f&b, K to end
Row 3-12: Rep 1st & 2nd Rows
Row 13: K to m, sm, K2tog, K to m, sm, K2tog, K to end
Row 14: K5, P to last 5 sts, K5
Row 15-36: rep rows 13 & 14.
Row 37: K13, turn, P8, turn, K to end
Row 38: K5, P8, turn, K8, turn, P to last 5st, K5
Row 39: K
3 needle BindOff


Guidelines We Can All Live By

The other day I was guided by Buffalo to look up the story of the White Buffalo Woman. I had heard pieces about the story, but never heard or read it in its entirety until now, at this site: http://www.merceronline.com/Native/native05.htm

It seems very similar to many other religious stories, with God coming to man in a form they will most likely understand and listen to, with instructions on how to live in harmony with all beings.

Most, if not all, Native Americans did not dominate over God’s land, they were/are true caretakers, as I believe we all are meant to be. In Genesis, God gave man dominion over the land, air, and water, and all that dwell within it; to treat all with respect, and take care of each other, not as Lords, but as family.

So where am I going with all this?  I found these “Sacred Instructions” at the bottom of the page about White Buffalo Woman. I felt guided to share them today. All faiths can surely agree with every thing written below.

A. Take care of Mother Earth and the other colors of man.

B. Respect this Mother Earth and creation.

C. Honor all life, and support that honor.

D. Be grateful from the heart for all life. It is through life that there is survival. Thank the Creator at all times for all life.

E. Love, and express that love.

F. Be humble. Humility is the gift of wisdom and understanding.

G. Be kind with one’s self and with others.

H. Share feelings and personal concerns and commitments.

I. Be honest with one’s self and with others. Be responsible for these sacred instructions and share them with other nations.

Awesome sight in our back yard!
A piece of amazing sky we enjoy. this is a reminder summer is not far 🙂

Gracias a Dios Bendicion



Our Friend leaves a voicemail:  “Come over and go to the hot-springs with me, then I’ll make you guys dinner and we can have a little jam session”. My legs, the night before and still today are stiff and cramping from bicycling and gardening work at the bottom of a steep hill. Now that’s a good idea I’m thinking.


So we close shop early and head for McCready Hot springs. We get there and the parking lot is improved with a bathroom. The foot path to the pool is covered with crunchy snow. The pool is crowded with just enough room for newcomers. Soon after we enter the shallow warm-up pool a few people depart and we quickly move to the deep, hotter section of the hot spring. Ahh, sensual delight and healing hot water.


Our Friend recognizes a kindred spirit likely of South American descent and greets him warmly in Spanish. Then our Friend says he’s always wanting to learn Spanish and asks “how do you say ‘thank god for these blessings’ in Spanish”?

“Gracias a Dios bendicion” the gentleman replied. Gracias a Dios bendicion indeed! May all being appreciate the blessings of nature. Enjoy peace.







In Memory of Morris Leo Ellenbogen 1932 – 2012

I count the day as wisely spent in which I did some good,
For someone who is far away or shares my neighbourhood.

A day devoted to the deed that lends a helping hand,
And demonstrates a willingness to care and understand.

I long to be of usefullness in little ways and large,
Without a selfish motive and without the slightest charge.

Because in my philosphy there never is a doubt,
That all of us here on earth must help each other out.

I feel that day is fruitful and the time is worth the while,
When I promote the happiness of :- ONE ENDURING SMILE!


Cat Fights and the Golden Rule

I was getting ready to go inside, after being outside doing chores, and a bird sound from the back of the house perked my ears.  I went out the back door with my staff and started listening and trying to place where the bird was.  Then all of a sudden here comes 12 1/2 yo Athena (formerly Duchess) being pursued by 3 1/2 yo Sage.  Athena screams when Sage catches her under the back porch.  I try to deflect Sage with my staff, temporarily successful, but he continue’s his ‘attack’ at the back door steps, catching Athena, who instantly screams while he is on top of her.

At this point I was able to grab Sage by the scruff.  I shook and scolded him, walked a few steps away from the house, and sort of threw him towards a grassy area off the walkway.  He fell with no apparent grace, but after landing on the ground on his hip, he tucked, rolled, and ran out towards the field.  I instantly felt terrible, but Athena needed reassurance before I checked on Sage.  After what seemed like forever, but was closer to less than a minute, Athena tentatively came out from under the porch.  She sustained minor injury to her back and neck, and she was very spooked.

(background story is Athena loves to play tag, but hates, hates, hates being tumbled.  Sage loves both, which, in after thought of seeing his ‘attack’, he was not displaying serious aggression. He was playing tag the way he liked and not the way Athena likes it.)

So  now I’m thinking I have to do some serious make up with Sage. But once again (more stories to come) Sage proves to be an amazing being.  He had already come back and was just a few feet from the back door when I spoke to him to let him know I didn’t hold a grudge.  As we walk toward each other I notice he has something yucky on one shoulder.  I look at the spot where I tossed him and there was a mushed turd!  I tell Sage to wait, that I’ll be right back, and go into the house and get a rag wet with warm water, and then go back out to Sage waiting on the back porch.  I wash off the poo, tell him to be more careful with Athena, and then we go off to do our own things for a bit.

Not too much later, after some chores were done and it was time for a snack, I was sitting at the computer checking in on email and fb, when Sage comes over and climbs into my lap.  This is not a regular occurrence, although it is not uncommon, either.  (It can be a challenge for Sage to sit in my lap comfortably, because he is so big and fluffy, and he gets too warm.)  We had some awesome cuddle moments and I was glad to note that the washing was successful, as no smell of poo remained.

This incident got me thinking about the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  The flaw I see in this rule is when you have one being who likes to play chase, but not tackle, and another being who likes to play chase AND tackle.  I think what miffed me was that even though Athena was protesting very loudly. her protests seemed to go unnoticed by Sage.  Or did she excite and encourage him?  Since I can’t read their minds, and can only guess by their behavior, I will probably never know for sure.  I do feel that Sage did not like me getting angry with him.  He definitely seemed to want to be in my favor, and he knows that I love to cuddle with him. He has also left Athena alone since he came inside.

Neither cat seems too upset by the incident either, as you can see in this evenings pics…01180318200118031820a