Get Real & Heal…..

“Love heals, and truth is strong medicine, and these two forces have been in short supply in our cultural and political arenas, but are never further away than the source of your own love and truth. ” Mark Borax

Cosmic Weather Report:
Get Real & Heal
November, 2013 
Putney Mountain, Vermont
By Francisco Negroni
Between June, 2012 and March, 2015, Uranus and Pluto form a 90-degree angle, or Square, to each other seven times. And each square has its own thematic piece to contribute to the change of our time. Long-time readers know that we’ve been studying this period for 25 years in our mystery school, because of its significance to the course of the future.
Uranus-Pluto Squares 2012-15: Stepping Stones to the Future
 In 1966 the conjunction of Uranus and Pluto launched the 1960s Revolution in Consciousness. Between 2012 and 2015 the next major step in this planetary dyad takes place.
1. June 24, 2012: Crisis in Values
2. Sep. 19, 2012: Death of the Old
3. May 20, 2013: Loving Yourself
4. Nov. 1, 2013: Healing
5. April 21, 2014 Claiming True Power
6. Dec. 14-15, 2014: Gaining a Vision
7. March 16, 2015: Community Action
More info on the seven squares of Uranus and Pluto.
The Square is the Get-Real aspect of astrology, launching a challenge that applies pressure from all four sides. Whichever way you go you bang into your own unresolved issues, your own leftover karma, your own unfinished business. With Uranus (Revolution/Revelation) and Pluto (Hell) facing off against each other during this three-year period, we’re being given a massive summons to Get Real and heal.
What does this mean?
It means that every place your presence is fuzzy, blurry, and unfocused is going to come up over and over until you harness the pressure of the square to gain some revelation about the deeper truth of who you are and what you’re doing. It means a massive initiation is taking place, with the power to catalyze deeper layers of your life force. It means the sickness of a species that has forgotten its true nature is becoming acute in order to produce a cure. The great art of life asks not that you get it right but make it real, not that you perfect your flaws but grow beyond self-illusion and remember who you are.
From a Different Kind of Art
On November First the fourth of seven Uranus-Pluto squares occurs at 6:30 AM Eastern time. The previous square from last May ushered in a six-month period of learning to love yourself. This one ushers in a six-month period of healing, and it’s hard to heal unless the hurt comes up. Most sicknesses of heart, mind and body are rooted in some deeper issue, where a void of self-love was created and something else moved in.
Paravati Shiva
When you inject a shot of love into the void you begin to heal on a root level. When you respond to your tendency to check out on yourself as if it’s an initiation rather than cause for further self-judgment, something bright takes root in the void.
This three-year period of Uranis-Pluto confrontations is crucial to human evolution because a great void set in after the last time Uranus and Pluto came together in 1966. For a while it seemed as if we really were going to pull it off, this business of changing the world. In fact, we did pull it off. We changed the world from black-and-white to color. We dreamed a future based on love more than profit. But in the last 47 years the truth of that dream has gotten eroded by a sense of despair, as futility set in.
The modern illness is the drastic depressive feeling that the problems of our time are too much to allow a bright future to come in. The healing begins each time one person ignites a soul force of inspiration down in the depths of their own frustration and despair. The simple remedy for an overly-complex time of history is to find the way back through the void into something that feels real to the heart and soul. Love heals, and truth is strong medicine, and these two forces have been in short supply in our cultural and political arenas, but are never further away than the source of your own love and truth.
During the month of November while the Healing Square waxes strong, as well as for the next six months, let’s use the challenge as an initiation into a deep stream of healing thoughts, healing vibrations, healing acts, and healing energies. This passage may be as simple as giving love to a child, or as stalwart as standing up to some abuse, so that individually and together we can turn around this false time of world history and get down to that love that runs the universe.
    Who Are You Really?  What Are You Here for?  

        How Much Longer Are You Going to Wait?
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true freedom comes from within...

What Me and Myself Have Learned Recently…

we* are learning how to do less, as taught by I Am**, so we can do more.  it has been an interesting lesson in awareness.  it is much harder to learn things out of context, and this process has helped us learn how to keep “myself” calm, rather than the habitual way of going into a panic in anticipation of not doing something right. Bottom Line: getting yelled at for doing something i thought was right, but is wrong to someone else.

such tremendous pressure has been relieved from learning how to LISTEN, and work WITH my body. Neither one of us competes for complete control anymore, and we are working much more smoothly together as a result.  We appreciate each other, and take better care of ourselves.

that’s all for tonights ramblings. remember to send your love every day to those you care about.  Blessings are one of the most precious, yet inexpensive gifts we can give to each other.

May you always find the Love and Light when  you need it most.


*”we” is me, (the narrator in my head), and myself (this body i reside in).

**”I Am” is Unity Consciousness, also known as God.

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