Gracias a Dios Bendicion



Our Friend leaves a voicemail:¬† “Come over and go to the hot-springs with me, then I’ll make you guys dinner and we can have a little jam session”. My legs, the night before and still today are stiff and cramping from bicycling and gardening work at the bottom of a steep hill. Now that’s a good idea I’m thinking.


So we close shop early and head for McCready Hot springs. We get there and the parking lot is improved with a bathroom. The foot path to the pool is covered with crunchy snow. The pool is crowded with just enough room for newcomers. Soon after we enter the shallow warm-up pool a few people depart and we quickly move to the deep, hotter section of the hot spring. Ahh, sensual delight and healing hot water.


Our Friend recognizes a kindred spirit likely of South American descent and greets him warmly in Spanish. Then our Friend says he’s always wanting to learn Spanish and asks “how do you say ‘thank god for these blessings’ in Spanish”?

“Gracias a Dios bendicion” the gentleman replied.¬†Gracias a Dios bendicion¬†indeed! May all being appreciate the blessings of nature. Enjoy peace.







In Memory of Morris Leo Ellenbogen 1932 – 2012

I count the day as wisely spent in which I did some good,
For someone who is far away or shares my neighbourhood.

A day devoted to the deed that lends a helping hand,
And demonstrates a willingness to care and understand.

I long to be of usefullness in little ways and large,
Without a selfish motive and without the slightest charge.

Because in my philosphy there never is a doubt,
That all of us here on earth must help each other out.

I feel that day is fruitful and the time is worth the while,
When I promote the happiness of :- ONE ENDURING SMILE!