Knit Helmet Hoody

Here is my version of a knit helmet liner that we call a Helmet Hoody



Helmet Hoody 2 Lt side Helmet Hoody 2 Front Helmet Hoody 2 Back

Materials and Tools:

1  Med. weight yarn 4 (amount uncharted so far, but original pattern called for approx 208yd), I used Sugar’n Cream cotton yarn by Lily Cotton

1 Fine weight yarn 2 (amount unknown so far, original called for approx 170yd). I used a yarn that I guessed, using a diagram, was the appropriate size.

Needles used: 6, 6” 4mm double pt. needles and 4mm 24″ circular needles

Gauge:13sts/22 rows = 4”

Finished measurements: 19” circ. @ base, 12” circ @ top x 13” long


CastOn 62 sts, (keeping both yarns together throughout project) on 5, 6” 4mm double pt. needles (12sts on one, 13 on others)
Rnd 1: Purl
Rnd 2: Knit
Rnd 3-6: Rep. rnds 1 and 2
Rnd 7-14: K
Rnd 15-20: *P1, K1* rep 9x’s, K to end.
BindOff 18 sts, K19, pm, K1f&b, K4, pm, K1f&b, K19

HOOD ~ this is where I switched to the circular needles.  It was just easier for me.  If I had smaller circular needles I would have used them only.
Row 1: K5, P to last 5sts, K5
Row 2: K to marker, sm, K1f&b, K to marker, sm, K1f&b, K to end
Row 3-12: Rep 1st & 2nd Rows
Row 13: K to m, sm, K2tog, K to m, sm, K2tog, K to end
Row 14: K5, P to last 5 sts, K5
Row 15-36: rep rows 13 & 14.
Row 37: K13, turn, P8, turn, K to end
Row 38: K5, P8, turn, K8, turn, P to last 5st, K5
Row 39: K
3 needle BindOff