Full Moon Survival Guidlines – How to Play with Fire Safely


Today I am getting the message over and over again to put out a warning call.  The intensity and quality of energy the Moon is currently gathering, will either help us or hurt us.  It is completely your choice. This full moon can also help your dreams come true,  or your nightmares if that is where our focus is.  Be conscious of our thoughts. Focus on what you need and want and  allow the many miracles to happen.

As the moon increases its intensity in reflecting the sun we will become dehydrated more quickly and easily than usual. Dehydration can cause havoc with your body’s proper functioning.  When your body becomes dehydrated you feel pain much more intensely and your system has a harder time absorbing nutrients properly.  Dehydration also effects your emotional well-being in a negative way. Alcohol can be a dangerous choice for some people right now. So is working or playing in the Sun without proper hydration. Those that choose dehydrating activities now will pay intense consequences. People who have physically limitations need to be extra aware of how they are feeling. Our bodies will need more water than usual.

Here are some guidelines on how to work with the moon’s energies safely:

  • Stay hydrated

Drink more fluids than usual. Pure water is best. Flavored water, herbal teas, and watered down fruit juices work great.

  • Decrease or cut out alcohol and caffeine.

Since alcohol and caffeine is valuable medicine for many, the reminder is, less is best.  Your usual amount may send you into an overdose. Alcohol and caffeine will be more easily detrimental to your body at this time and may either wipe you out physically and emotionally, or send you into an uncontrollable mode, similar to a hyper active child who can’t stop their body from self destructive behaviors.

  • Focus on solutions and dreams

Focusing on what you want in your life increases the chance of getting what you want.  When you focus on problems and nightmares you will get more problems and nightmares.  Simple energy equation where like attracts like.  This full moon energy increases the odds in your favor to get what you really need to be a balanced being in a peaceful state of existence.

  • Balance Rest and Work activities

It is vital at this time to balance rest and work. When you do, the moon’s energy will help you to be more productive when we are working, and help you rest more efficiently as well.

  • Stop, Look and Listen before moving.

Move consciously, regardless of speed. This is a last minute entry after I tripped over one of our dogs and hit the floor, hard!  It was quite a humbling experience. Painful, yes. unrepairable damage, no. I was looking across the room as i did a 180, and before i could even take a step i tripped on the dog.  She was able to move quickly out of the way, thank goodness!  When moving, please not only focus on your destination, but make sure the way is clear before moving forward.

This moon is affecting everyone’s body NOW.  Please make the choice to hydrate and take care of yourself.  Every single being is important and with this moon, dreams will be fulfilled