Western medicine, more often than not, deals with symptoms, not causes.  It makes money for doctors, insurance and pharmaceutical companies. It does very little permanent healing.  It can mask our pain, but not without serious repercussions that tend to cause other health issues. (This includes health for our animal friends as well as ourselves.)  We have witnessed some amazing healing, and many, many times it has just been a matter of providing quiet space and allowing time to heal, and not much more.

As a result, we have been learning how to take care of ourselves with the things we already have in our home, growing our in our yard, and already within ourselves. This includes herbs (many of which people call ‘weeds’), healing sounds, crystals, meditation, and more. Attached to this page you will find references, guides, and how-to information for specific and general healing that we have found helpful.  We hope you experience amazing healing, as we continue to do, day after day.

Peace and Wellness to All who want it, regardless of monetary status!

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